Folding arm installation

Our client was after something that would allow an extra place to sit out of the hot sun during the warmer months,  but could be retracted when not required. 

The solution? A fully motorised awning!The awning is fully motorised with a wind sensor giving protection from the hot sun when required with the ability to retract on its own if left out in high winds.

As the wall the awning is attached to is foam with a rendered face, this made the installation slightly more complex. To combat this, we installed a steel beam ensuring there was fixing all the way along and it would be strong enough to hold the awning (which weighs around 100kgs). Once the beam had been installed using large enough fixings the awning brackets are then mounted to the beam and awning lifted into place. We arranged the electrician to attend at the same time to complete the wiring in and installation.

Once the awning was wired, the wind and sun sensor were both programmed along with the remote. This allows the awning to now automatically open when its hit but the sun, retract when its to windy and is easily operated via a remote from anywhere in the home.
We are thrilled with the results and so are our wonderful clients!