Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are an affordable and stylish window treatment option for your new or existing home

Roman Blinds are both attractive and functional thanks to their ability to adjust light in any room while making your windows look fantastic.

Fabric choices

Originally designed to let light in, Roman Blinds are now available in a range of fabric options to suit varying light needs. We have a range of fabric choices available from light allowing to block out, glow, or room-darkening for privacy without total darkness. Roman Blinds can work for any project. 

Prevent sagging and stretching

Many improvements have been made to Roman Shades to ensure their longevity in your home. Some of our premium range of Roman Materials have actually been pre-shrunk in an oven to prevent that sagging and stretching that happens to most materials that are hung vertically on a window.

Roman blinds